Ksenija Flammere

Event Organizer!

Our task to give a celebration and a good mood. Birthdays, Concerts, Anniversaries, Theme parties!

Service under the sale!
Do you plan a celebration or a big day? How much you have to do:
Find a place of celebration
Find a good lead
Decorate the room
Find photograph
Order a beautiful and delicious cake
Purchase prizes for games and contests
... We take it all for yourself!
Instead of that would make 100 phone calls for the implementation of the above, you need to call only one number and we will arrange you the best celebration! We know the funniest leading, most beautiful rooms where the best food, we know where to order a delicious cake and cheaper to buy everything else! We have experience, we have a connection, and we have a desire to give joy to people! We value each customer and the main principle of our work is the quality!

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